Start a relationship with us and get the opportunity of selling our games!

If you are using the PAD-file system, you can use the following files
to retreive the game info needed for selling our games:

Superstar Chefs PAD - Item 9231-1
Digi Pool PAD - Item 9231-2
Gold Miner Joe PAD - Item 9231-3
Bricks of Egypt PAD - Item 9231-4
Funny Faces PAD - Item 9231-5
Pirates of Treasure Island PAD - Item 9231-6
Spin & Win PAD - Item 9231-7
Bricks of Camelot PAD - Item 9231-8
Bricks of Atlantis PAD - Item 9231-9
Legend of Aladdin PAD - Item 9231-10

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